"Martial arts is the art of overcoming resistance..."

Please note: I am no longer accepting new students. I’m focussing on my own training and development rather than teaching. I also seem to have completely broken this website! Oops...

Have Fun. Get Fit. Hit Hard! Unique custom martial arts training incorporating empty hands and weapons self defence.

The goal of Spirit Defence is to offer an alternative to people who want to train martial arts but are put off by the group approach of most other martial arts schools. 

I teach practical self defence and martial arts designed to make you competent and effective in a short period of time. My students make rapid progress because of the extra attention and support they receive while training with an instructor. All training is one on one. If your goal is to learn effective self defence, I can assist you with your training in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

My specialty is teaching modern martial arts to people who could not imagine going to a group class and rolling around with a bunch of big, sweaty guys. Spirit Defence is very different - just you and the deodorant wearing instructor. :-)


Spirit Defence provides training in martial arts and self defence that is fun, easy to learn and highly effective. Safety is a priority and you will quickly realise that training here is unlike training at other martial arts gyms. If you are new to martial arts, then I can provide effective self defence skills in a short period of time. If you are an experienced martial artist, then I can help you develop your existing skills to become more functional and street effective as well as show you a whole range of new and interesting techniques. You will also gain a new fresh perspective on martial arts. I work hard to ensure that everyone at Spirit Defence gets very high quality training and I truly believe it is getting better and better.

Spirit Defence is based in a private training studio in Chisholm, Canberra and training is available in Kali (also known as Eskrima or Arnis) and kickboxing.

I focus on Kickboxing and Kali - but the training isn’t confined to those arts. Rather than a combination or “made up” martial art, I tend to focus on the aspects of each art that complement each other so you gain an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each. Frequently, this depends on distance from the attacker with kickboxing being medium to long range and grappling being short range (there are exceptions to those examples). The different arts are “blended” and taught in a very integrated manner which allows you to see each on its own and in relation to other martial arts.

Our Jujitsu is a modern version of the Japanese martial art. The focus is on effective street self defence and also incorporates elements of MMA, Judo and BJJ.

The system of Kali trained at Spirit Defence uses sticks, knives and short swords to provide an insight into a range of weapons as well as the empty hand aspect of the art. Kali is great as a martial art in its own right, but it is also good as an addition to other martial arts. We also incorporate aspect of Silat into the training which in many ways is very similar to Kali.

Please feel free to explore this website. I have tried to provide as much information as possible here so you can make an informed decision about your training. 

Have fun! Get fit! Hit hard!